Pediatric Dentistry in Turkey

20 Sep
Pediatric Dentistry in Turkey

Pediatric Dentistry In Turkey

Pediatric Dentistry in Turkey. Your child’s first teeth aren’t going to last forever. But that doesn’t mean they don’t require special attention. Primary (baby) teeth serve several incredibly vital tasks. Thus maintaining your child’s oral health early will bring. Health benefits far into adulthood.

Primary teeth, for example. Function as guides for the eruption of permanent (adult) teeth. Holding the area in which these new teeth would erupt. The permanent teeth’s crowns (tops) press against the roots of the baby teeth. Causing them to resorb (melt away). Adult teeth can then be placed in their right positions.

Furthermore, your child’s primary teeth will be present for the most of his or her childhood. Assisting your youngster with biting, chewing, and speaking. For the first six years or so. He or she will rely solely on primary teeth to fulfill these vital duties. Your youngster. Will have a mixture of primary and permanent teeth until about the age of 12. You’ll want to keep those teeth healthy. And lose them naturally when the time comes.

Treatment of Your Child's First Teeth

  • Your child’s 20 baby teeth will arrive between the ages of six and nine months. Though it could happen as early as three months or as late as twelve months. The lower front teeth emerge first. Followed by the higher front teeth. The canines appear next, followed by the first molars (eyeteeth). During this process, your baby may feel teething discomfort. If this is the case, there are steps you may take to assist your youngster feel more at ease.Pediatric Dentistry in Turkey. After each feeding, gently wipe your infant’s gums and newly erupted teeth with a water-soaked gauze pad or damp washcloth. Establish a daily brushing habit using a small. Soft-bristled toothbrush and no more than a thin smear of fluoridated toothpaste starting at age 2. When there are more teeth in the mouth. Your youngster may require. Your assistance with this vital chore until he or she reaches the age of six.

Your Child's First Dental Appointment

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry in Turkey recommends that your child see a dentist by his/her first birthday. Though this may sound early, learning proper pediatric oral hygiene techniques, checking for cavities, and watching for developmental problems is extremely important.

There are a number of forms of tooth decay that can affect babies and small children. Early Childhood Caries (tooth decay) can develop rapidly, progressing from the hard, outer enamel layer of a tooth into the softer, inner dentin in six months or less.

Most of all, it’s important for your child to have a positive experience at the dental office as he/she will be a regular visitor for years to come.

Pediatric Dentistry in Turkey Dental Treatments

There are a variety of dental treatments offered to prevent tooth decay in children, or to save or repair teeth when necessary. They include:

Topical Fluoride — Fluoride incorporates into the enamel of teeth, making it harder and more resistant to decay. Although there is a small amount of fluoride in toothpastes and in some drinking water supplies, a higher concentration can be applied professionally to your child’s teeth for maximum protection.

Dental Sealants — A plastic coating can be applied at the dental office to prevent cavities by sealing the little grooves on the chewing surfaces of back teeth known as “pits and fissures.” These little crevices become the perfect environments for decay-causing bacteria. Immature tooth enamel is more permeable and therefore less resistant to tooth decay. Dental sealants are easy to apply and provide years of protection.


Pediatric Dentistry in Turkey

Root Canal Treatment — Perhaps you have had a root canal treatment yourself, to save an injured or severely decayed tooth. Well, sometimes children need root canals, too. As mentioned above, baby teeth are important guides to the permanent teeth that are already forming beneath your child’s gums. Therefore, saving them from premature loss can help prevent a malocclusion (“mal” – bad; “occlusion” – bite) that requires orthodontic treatment. Pediatric Dentistry in Turkey.

Bonding — Chips and minor fractures to front teeth — common childhood occurrences — can be repaired with tooth-colored bonding materials. These lifelike resins made of plastic and glass can be used on baby teeth as well as permanent teeth and last until the youngster has completed facial growth.

Your Child & Orthodontics

Most malocclusions are visible by the age of seven. Pediatric Dentistry in Turkey interceptive orthodontic treatment at this age can help direct optimal tooth alignment and/or jaw growth, reducing or eliminating the need for later orthodontic treatment. Many orthodontic problems can be recognized early, which is why your child should be evaluated by a skilled specialist during his or her growth and development.

Sports & Your Child's Teeth ( Pediatric Dentistry in Turkey )

Pediatric Dentistry in Turkey. Custom-made mouthguard is strongly advised if your child participates in sports. According to the American Dental Association, athletes who do not use one of these protection devices are 60 times more likely to suffer dental damage. A model of your child’s teeth is used to create a custom mouthguard for him or her. This will provide more protection than a store-bought model. It’s an investment that pays off handsomely in terms of reduced pain, suffering, and future dental costs!


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